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What makes Jameson's 5th String Geared Tuner such an important feature?  Learn More

One of the many amazing features that sets the Jameson 5 string banjo apart from other banjos in its price range is that it has a Geared 5th Banjo Tuner. Most banjos in this range have a friction tuner that simply relies on pressure to hold its tune. If you have ever seen a friction tuner on a violin, those other banjos use that type of tuner.

The Jameson, however, has a Geared 5th tuner, which is a tuner that has an internal gearing mesh to enable more accurate tuning. It is also beneficial in keeping the 5th string in tune. A friction tuner is not as stable as a geared 5th tuning peg and will slip which will cause your 5th string to go out of tune.

Our Geared 5th Tuner is, in essence, a tuner that works then like a normal banjo or guitar tuner. A huge upgrade!  Of course the other 4 banjo tuners are also all geared.  The end result is your Jameson banjo will be easier to tune and once tuned, hold that tune much better.

Here are some photos that show the Jameson Geared 5th Tuner. As always, if you have any questions please contact us – our friendly staff is always ready to answer any questions.


Click on any of the below thumbnail images below to view a larger image – please note the second two pictures with the grey background show an opened tuner so you can see the internal workings of the tuner:

jameson banjo geared tuner 1.jpg
jameson banjo geared tuner 2.jpg
jameson banjo geared tuner 3.JPG
jameson banjo geared tuner 4.JPG
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